Panoramic view of the "white valley" (Vallée Blanche) in the Adrar Province of Mauritania.

Southward (position of the sun), on the left side of the valley, the two distant so-called "chateaux" are visible (smaller massives that are dominated by dunes). Westward, at the entrance of a side valley, a sandy steep slope allows for the access to the plateau behind (Passe de Tifoujar). At the northern fringe, distant white fumes at the horizon can be spotted. They indicate the making of charcoal from the non-domestic gum Arabic tree (Acacia Nilotica) that was introduced with the intention to stop desertification without anticipating its negative side effects on the endemic flora. This panoramic view and further photographic impressions were taken during a trekking from Chinguetti to the Erg Amatlich in December 2018.